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Lost, But Found


Lost, But Found tells the story of Jessie Myskill who moves from Boston to Enterprise, Alabama because her father is taking up a post as a pastor of a church. She suffers a deep betrayal she is unable to recover from. Also, due to a series of events, familial bonds are stretched to the point of breaking. 15 years later, she has the opportunity to heal from the hurt she still carries in her heart. Will she let go of the hurt and embrace the love that’s on offer? Will she accept the love of a God she doesn’t know but who has called out to her all her life?

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Loved it! 😍

This book is an invitation to try God for one’s self and it left me grateful for my own walk with God.


Greg Myskill leaves his position as an assistant pastor in a church in Boston with his family to take up a position as a senior pastor in Enterprise, Alabama. While his wife Ruth is excited about the move, their daughter Jessie is not happy about leaving the bright lights of Boston.

Jessie initially finds it hard to make friends but she then becomes friends with Anna Dabrowski, the daughter of Enterprise’s boxing coach. While on a visit to the gym, Jessie is introduced to Peter Carver, the local bad boy and an aspiring boxer. Jessie begins a secret relationship with him even though she is aware Anna has a crush on him. Their relationship ends up with unfortunate consequences for her and her family.

Years later, Jessica is dealing with the possible unravelling of her marriage and the rebellious behaviour of her elder daughter. A chance encounter with Anna brings with it a rush of hurtful memories. Jessica rebuffs Anna’s attempts to rekindle their friendship as she still hurts from the past. Can Anna’s love break down the wall around Jessica’s heart? And can Jessica ever bridge the gap between herself and her parents or God?


Lost But Found brings to light the life of a young woman who is brought up in a Christian home but takes exception to Christianity.

This young woman, Jessica Myskill, equates serving God with inconvenience and

believes the relationship her parents share with God need not involve her. This is

seen in the way she lashes out when her father announces he was led by God to

move to Enterprise, Alabama to be the senior pastor of a church:

Every single time God speaks to Dad, it seems I have to be the one to suffer and

make sacrifices, either by leaving my friends or having to go without food or

clothes. It’s no wonder I think your God is out to make me suffer. He seems to be

all about suffering and inconvenience. And I always end up feeling like some sort

of outsider in my own family.

All through her teenage years, and way beyond that, Jessica holds tight to her convictions of God and lets it colour her every decision, including how she chooses her friends.

It takes a few decades – and a need for peace in life’s storms – for her to realize that in addition to having everything else, she needs God. Towards the end of the book she acknowledges:

I can’t say I understand it all but I want to know God. I want to have that peace

and contentment that [my parents and my friend] seem to have. I want to find

God for myself and not have people tell me about him.

The story cruxes at the point where the true meaning of love is brought to light. As C.S. Lewis says, “love is not an affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be achieved.” 

The Author, Ayoade Oluwasanmi, shows us that high or low, in abundance or in

want, we need God. This book is an invitation to try God for one’s self. It left me grateful for my own walk with God, and I would recommend this book to anyone seeking a light, romance-peppered read about finding God.

by Ubamara Ezenobi

For The Christ A Poet Team


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